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The DCA Alumni Special Offer

Welcome to the DCA Alumni Special Offer!

Your Future Business and Self

The DCA Alumni Offer will ensure you’ll be one of the first to have the opportunity to become a Successful Outsourcing Secrets course student. During this practical course you'll learn how to use the power of outsourcing to gain time, boost your productivity and grow any aspect of your online business within a few short weeks.

Using the proven Six Step SOS Course process you’ll quickly, easily and safely be able to identify projects, recruit VA’s and Outsourcers and get results FAST.

Even more important will be your ability to avoid being let down, disappointed or getting stuck using remote workers.

Why a DCA Alumni Special?

I’ve witnessed first-hand the incredible transformation that Digital Course Academy can have on those trying their hardest to change their future and launch courses.

I’ve also seen and read so many times people being stuck on technical, design, audio or video tasks that are holding back their progress. a fellow DCA alumni I decided to throw away the rule book we were taught and do something to ensure as many fellow students could get started with VA’s and Outsourcers and lean on my 30 plus years of experience in this sector.

My posts in the DCA Group should show the kind of person and teacher I am – open, honest and not one who shares made up nonsense. Just examples, facts and processes that I’ve developed and learned the hard way after a lifetime in outsourcing in the product and marketing sectors.

And yes – I hope to help a lot of like minded people get started with outsourcing, get my course off to a flying start and hopefully provide invaluable feedback as a result.

So here’s your DCA Alumni Special Offer…

Your Price

When the Course opens for students again early in the New Year (this will be version 2) you’ll be able to purchase the Successful Outsourcing Secrets Course for the DCA Alumni special price of just $399 instead of the public price of $699.

You’ll also have to option to pay in three monthly instalments of just $133 – with no extra to pay for paying in instalments.

As a fellow DCA Alumni you’ll get sent a secret link to take up this heavily discounted price when the course opens for sale.

PLUS - just for fellow DCA students you'll also get the Premium course option included in the above special price.

The Premium option will cost non DCA customers $299 and includes my personal 1 to 1 help and assistance with all the assignments included in the course to help you progress even faster. Cost to you will be $0 extra.

Your Course

You will have access to the FULL course including any updates, changes or tweaks to the Course modules into the future.

What’s Inside Successful Outsourcing Secrets?

Module 0 – Fast Start
By the end of this short module you’ll be all set and ready to learn, ask questions and know exactly what lies ahead for you in each module.

Module 1 – Realise
By the end of this module you’ll have realised what you really should be working on in your business and what you should be letting go of. You’ll be able to hang up your superhero suit and be ready to start finding rapid outsourcing help.

Module 2 – Recognise
By the end of this module you’ll have recognised exactly what tasks and projects you could outsource NOW to give you more time and productivity from your day. You’ll also have prepared your outsourcing shopping list ready to make things happen!

Module 3 – Research
By the end of this module of your SOS Course you’ll have documented the details of at least your first project AND written your project brief which will help you find exactly the outsource help you need.

Module 4 – Recruit
By the end of this module you’ll know exactly where to look for outsource help for your project/task and all you need to recruit and brief your outsourcer to ensure you get the results you expect first time.

Module 5 – Review
By the end of this module you’ll know how to manage your project and review the work done for you by your outsourcer AND have a series of simple checks in place to ensure a successful outcome to your project.

Module 6 – Reflect
By the end of this module you’ll know how to reflect on the project you outsourced and know EXACTLY where, when and how to have more success with outsourcing going forward.

How to secure this DCA Special Offer

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I can’t wait to work with you and guide you so that you are able to use outsourcers and VA’s anytime you want to in the future for any aspect of your online business.

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